Mobile Barber

Historically, on any given wedding day, hours before the ceremony, you would find the bride and her friends fussing tirelessly over their hair and makeup to look dazzling for the big day. Elsewhere, you would find the groom and his buddies preparing in a different way; this usually involved a lot of alcohol and speculation as to which of the bridesmaids is single.

Thankfully, recent years have brought about a change. The groom and his friends prefer to rise to the occasion – dressing better, looking dapper. The bride typically hires a stylist to give a professional touch to her look, but what about the groom? Sure, he can run a comb through his hair, style it with a little gel; he may even know how to use a safety razor. But these measures pale in comparison to the bride’s. And what about the groom’s friends; they may never have had to look as good as they should look for a wedding.

This is where Beautiful Bearded Man comes in.  Beautiful Bearded Man saw the need for the groom, to get touched up on the day of the wedding and invented the mobile barber service. This is unlike any mobile barber service that has ever come before it.  Beautiful Bearded Man cart includes hot running water, electricity in each drawer for clippers, hot towels, hair gel; the works.  Beautiful Bearded Man will get all the men in your wedding party looking sharp and ready for the occasion. Beautiful Bearded Man never forgets a bottle of whiskey for the guys and, like a good barbers, lends a listening ear to guys speculating on the relationship status of bridesmaids.
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