Shave Set

$ 355.00

A sleek design and matt chrome finish give the Futur by Merkur a look of distinction. The Futur is adjustable making it simple to customize your shave. With a twist of the handle, you can raise or lower the pitch of the blade to suit your beard and skin type. Great balance. Made for a man's hand. Razor length: 4 1/4", Head width: 2", Made in Solingen, Germany.

Merkur Silvertip Shaving Brush with a brushes chrome (satin or matte) handle. This brush contains Merkur's top grade Silvertip badger hair and designed to match your Futur razor.Made in Germany, Overall brush height: 127mm, Handle height: 72mm,  Brush Loft: 55mm, Knot diameter: 22mm

Treat yourself like royalty with this English pewter shave bowl. This compact mirror finished bowl sits on a pedestal which makes it easy to grip in the palm of your hand. The matching mirror finished handled lid keeps the shave soap out of sight when not in use. The interior of the bowl and lid have a satin finish. Col. Conk 2.25 oz. shave soap included (scents will vary). Top diameter: 3 1/4",Bottom diameter: 2 1/2", Depth: 1 1/4", Made in England

Uppercut Deluxe Shave Cream has been designed to perfectly compliment our Uppercut Deluxe Aftershave Moisturiser as part of a daily routine for the kinda guy that just wants a good shave. With low fragrance, these cream based products will simply leave your skin smelling clean and feeling fresh, ready for a squirt of your favorite fragrance.